What Is a Family?

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Ants have a colony. 

Bats have a cloud. 

Chickens have peeps, 

where they can get loud. 

All the way from A to Z, this colorful primer celebrates all kinds of families, giving each animal family a name. With dolphins and their pods, iguanas and their messes, and kitties and their litters, it's easy to learn about what makes a family . . . well, a family 

Families are groups that take care of their own. 

They all stick together to help make a home. 

About the Author

Annette Marie Griffin is an award-winning writer who has managed and directed programs for children and youth for more than twenty years. She has written curriculum for character growth and development of elementary-age children, developed parent training seminars to benefit the community, and counseled at-risk youth. Her passion is to help children find home. She and her husband have five children three who have already flown the coop and two adopted tweens still roosting at home two adorable grands who add immeasurable joy and laughter to the whole flock.

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