There's Only One Friend Like You

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There’s only one friend like you,

who knows just what to say.

Crafting ways to show you’re there

through kindness every day.

Nearby, far away, friends forever or just for a day – every friendship has its own special magic. There’s Only One Friend Like You is a delightful celebration of friendship in all its forms. 

About the Author

Jess Racklyeft is a children’s book lover, drawer and reader based in Melbourne, who also creates work for card companies, picture books, original paintings, prints and all types of different client projects. Jess loves watercolours, but is getting more and more into combining digital work and tinker with oils, pencils and other bits and bobs she can get her mitts on. Two of the books Jess has illustrated, Merry Everything and Smile Cry, have gone on to become CBCA notables.

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