The Swaddle Society Bug and Beetle Swaddle

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When you baby is born, their retina will not have fully developed, and they will only be able to see in black and white, with grey shades in between. 
As your newborn's eyesight develops, keep them engaged with black and white imagery. This will help improve their attention span and stimulate their brain development. 

This makes the Bug and Beetle Swaddle not just a cozy baby blanket. It's the perfect design to engage your newborn baby due to its high contrast imagery. We can't even begin to imagine what your baby will love to dream about whilst wearing this swaddle. The high contrast design makes it the perfect tummy time mat, as the print will encourage your baby can glance around different parts of the swaddle.

We also love this swaddle for its monochrome print as it makes the swaddle easy to incorporate into mum's wardrobe, as well as the baby's. 

The swaddle is a muslin combination of bamboo and cotton, which will keep your baby cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

All the swaddles are generously sized at 120 cm x 120 cm.

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