Sidney Opera Mouse

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AUSTRALIAN AUTHOR Can Sidney escape the pet shop and pursue his dreams? With courage and a little help from his friends, he may just find the place he is destined to belong. The book tells the story of "Sidney" a little mouse who dreams of becoming a singer. Unfortunately Sidney is trapped in a pet shop, but when a big storm hits, he takes the opportunity to escape and follow his dreams. Sidney walks over the Harbour Bridge, visits the Centrepoint Tower and attempts surfing at Bondi Beach, before finally making friends and becoming a singer at the Sydney Opera House. He travels on a Ferry, a Train and a Tourist Bus. He also makes new friends including "Benny", the Sydney Opera House seal. AGES: 5 to 9 AUTHOR: Graham Hosking was born in Sunderland, England. In 2013 a work opportunity brought him to Sydney. Whilst on a harbour walk, an idea for a children's book popped into Graham's head. The result is Graham's debut picture book, Sidney Opera Mouse. Graham is also a keen member of "The Children's Bookshop Emerging Writers Group". He continues to write and play around with ideas and hopes that "Sidney Opera Mouse" will be the first of many publications.

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