Nature's Pop-Up : Forests

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A series designed to help young children discover and learn about various subjects in an original and entertaining way. 

Each book contains 8 pop-up scenarios created on a variety of levels, offering a surprising three-dimensional effect. 

The horizontal format makes the scenarios even more spectacular and these books easy to handle. 

The many colourful illustrations will project young readers into amazing worlds, guiding them in learning more about the various subjects thanks to the text that accompanies each scenario and provides important messages and fun facts, making these books both stimulating reading and fun to play with. 

Book Features: 

  • Each volume contains 8 entertaining pop-up scenarios inspired by a specific topic.
  • Interesting to read to learn more about various subjects, while having fun with the 3-D creations.
  • Makes the learning process entertaining, an excellent playtime solution for adults and children.

About the Author

David Hawcock studied art in York, UK, majoring in graphic design. He opened a design studio in Bath specialising in children's books. He has designed and produced many successful pop-ups, which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, including The Amazing Fold-Out Pop-Up Body in a Book and the Journal of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci.

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