• Native Jefferson Sage Purple/ Sage Purple

Native Jefferson Sage Purple/ Sage Purple

The mischievous genius

Some of the features of Native Shoes inclue:



Shock absorbent

Odour resistant

And most importantly- Beast free

Rubber Rand and Toe

Injection molded EVA construction


Native Shoes is the result of design existing in a celestial space between the past and the future.



What is EVA?

EVA is the common name for ethylene-vinyl acetate. These weird words translate into a feeling of cool and cushy freedom for your feet. Think of EVA as the marshmallow that never melts; the spring in your step. The natural characteristics of the material make it great for footwear because it molds to your feet. It’s also incredibly lightweight, shock absorbent, washable, waterproof, and odour-resistant. All Native shoes are also animal by-product free. 

Do Native Shoes contain any harmful substances?

Native Shoes are REACH and CPSIA compliant, are BPA and phthalate free, and do not contain hazardous materials such as formaldehyde.

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