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SNAKES - Make the most snakes to win!
The dice of Snakes are made of wood coming from eco-friendly forestry in respect of the natural and social environment. (100% FSC®)

Snake is a safe, eco-friendly game realised with nontoxic paint and made in Italy.

16 wooden dice:  12 with green snakes, 4 with orange snakes 
1 instruction sheet
PACKAGE SIZE6,8 x H 18,5 cm


Complete more snakes than your opponent.


Each player gets 8 dice: 6 green and 2 orange. The youngest player starts by throwing a green die and placing it on the playing surface. This will be the start of the first snake. 


Each player takes a turn to throw one of their dice and line it up with the part of the snake already on the playing area, thus continuing to create the snake and, hopefully, completing it. A snake is complete when it has a head and a tail. A snake only needs to have two pieces - a head and a tail - to be complete. For each completed snake, the player who placed the final piece earns 1 point. Once a snake has been completed, it is left on the playing area. If you cannot attach the section of the snake obtained from throwing one of your dice, then start a new snake. If there is more than one unfinished snake on the playing area, then the person whose turn it is can decide which snake to continue or complete. After each player has had one turn, it is possible to throw one of the orange dice at any time during the game. If this orange die ends up on one of the standard “head” or “tail” faces, then the rules are exactly the same as for the green dice. If the orange die ends up on a "+", you can take one die (including another orange one, if one is already on the playing area) from the end of a snake in the playing area; you also get to keep the orange die and get to throw again, using the die of your choice, straightaway. If the die that is taken from a snake is removed from a completed snake, then person who originally won a point for completing that snake keeps the point. If the orange die ends up on, you have to give your orange die to the other player and forfeit your turn.


Every time you complete a snake, you get 1 point. The game ends when all the pieces have been used. The winner is the player with the most points, i.e. the person who completed the most snakes.

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