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The wooden board game for children and grownups is also a design object. Clorophyll Dominoes is a perfect present for those who love eco-friendly design objects  and classical, evergreen wooden games. 

A green field with four yellow tulips, each with seven green leaves. The leaves are dominoes to play with according to the classical rules. Moreover they accumulate light from the sun or a lamp: when you turn out the light they will glow in the dark.


Clorophyll domino is a wooden game to be played according to the classical rules but innovative in its design and made in Italy. 

Clorophyll domino is made of wood coming from eco-friendly forestry in respect of the natural and social environment.  (100% FSC®) 


Clorophyll dominoes is a safe board game, eco-friendly and realised with nontoxic paint. 100% made in Italy


Beechwood (100% FSC®) and non toxic paintings: 1 base, 4 sticks, 28 dominoes with glowing spots, 4 yellow flowers.


NR. OF PLAYERS: 2 or 4




PACKAGE SIZE: 20,8 x 17,8 X 4 H cm - natural, 100% recyclable packaging.


Arrange all the wooden dominoes on the table so that the numbers are hidden. Each player takes seven dominoes. If there are two players, 14 dominoes will remain on the table. The player having the double six or the highest number shall start. The first player put a domino on the table, the one on his left will try to match a number with his own dominoes. If that is not possible, he has to skip a turn (4 players) or pick a spare domino from the table (2 players). The winner is the player who can match first all his dominoes.

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