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p>Mesmerised is a book specifically designed to engage newborn babies.  


During the first stages of life, babies are drawn to simple, hi-contrast black and white images as these are easy for them to see.  Stand the book up beside baby and you will see them turn their tiny head,  instantly attracted to the beautiful glossy images. As baby grows this book is perfect for tummy-time and playtime. The fun simple graphics in Mesmerised will not only enhance your baby's vision, but will keep them stimulated and engaged during these early stages of development.




18 pages of captivating, clear, glossy images 

Enhances baby’s vision and focus 

Board pages are easy to turn 

Suitable for children 0-6 months 

Perfect idea for a newborn welcome gift 

Size: 15 x 15cm

Designed in Australia by Katey Love

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