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Magnetic toys and wooden blocks have been an all time favourite for generations. Kiko’s innovative product Machi Paris- also available in Machi London, has entwined magnetics, building and chalk into one extraordinary toy that facilitates hours of fun and numerous learning possibilities. Witness the joy your child experiences being swept away in creative play exploring the magnificent monuments of France. Whether it be riding the metro, visiting the Eiffel Tower or L’Arc de Triomphe your loved one will love designing their own chic Paris magnet town. Consisting of 2 magnetic boards, 1 Eiffel tower (pull apart), 1 L’Arc de Triomphe, metro fit with a train, 4 rails and 2 metro signs and 1 piece of chalk, children have multiple opportunities to build and reinvent over and over again.


Machi Paris taps into children’s prior experiences and challenges their knowledge of science, Maths, geography, history, art and design. Some choose to keep their Machi kits as stylish nursery decor or use it for a keepsake for an overseas trip. Whatever you decide to do with your Machi magnetic toys, you can relax knowing you have purchased valuable, resourceful and durable educational games for kids that will be used for several years and can be passed on to siblings or the next generation.

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