Hootity Hoot

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In Hootity Hoot Powerful Owl is hungry. Is it just because it's winter that no possums can be found? Or is it deforestation and climate change - man's intervention - that is destroying the environment for this bird and so many other creatures? Fellow dwellers Wombat, Frilled-neck Lizard and Galah try desperately to help their unlikely friend. Although they are all different species, they band together to form a plan. Despite being a meat eater, Powerful Owl though very angry and resistant at first, decides to try their idea of a diet change. In order to survive, he must adapt. Unfortunately, it is not always the case that species could eat a different diet and survive natural and man-made disasters. The book is designed to bring a smile to readers' faces, but also to encourage curiosity, and hopefully lead to discussions about important themes and research into nature, especially relevant and topical in this time of raging bushfires in Australia. It highlights the consequences of friendship and alliances between different species; humans and animals. The book shows the ability to accept change and to adapt, something everyone should aspire to. Gaille intends to donate a percentage of her book takings to a cause related to animal care.

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