Have A Nice Day Airport Build + Play Set

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Get ready for take off with your little one as they soar through the sky with this Airport Play Set. Built for adventurous aviators and first-time pilots, watch their imagination take over as they taxi from the terminal, past the control tower and take off on sky-high adventures. They’ll be carried to great heights by tall reaching arms and tip toes, with their imagination in overdrive. This plane will make aviation history as it enjoys long flights around the bedroom and soft landings on the runway, a bookshelf or a comfy bed.

This BUILD + PLAY SET contains 11 wooden pieces and 1 painted peg doll
This play set lands on the lounge room floor ready for you to connect with your child as you help them to assemble the set that includes:
1 Plane, 1 Runway, 1 Control Tower, an Airport Terminal and a Pilot Peg Doll

Natural, safe, sustainable

Suitable for children 3 years and over. Adult supervision recommended.
Packaged unassembled in a branded box. Comes with instructions for simple assembly by children with the help of an adult. No tools or screws needed!

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