• Gardner and the Gang The Skirt - Harlequin

Gardner and the Gang The Skirt - Harlequin

This circle skirt is made of certified 100% Organic cotton and features an all over harlequin print on grey base.

It is super soft and comfy, perfect for twirling and gives attitude to any outfit.


The story around the collection:

A day at the carnival with old friends, when catch ups are few and far between but when you get together, as always, you get up to no good.

A day of shenanigans around popcorn and hotdogs is what you will enjoy this season. Mischief is not always a bad thing...

Inspired by the beautiful Mondrian painting Trafalgar square, the vibrating colours remind us of our childhood where we got to play freely, and explore.

This is a celebration to all the beautiful colours of growing up that all children are entitled to.

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