ABC Yoga - Join Us and the Animals Out in Nature and Learn Some Yoga!

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Pairing simplified yoga poses with alphabetized animals and objects, ABC Yoga features colourful illustrations of children and animals practicing yoga poses along with playful rhymes to explain each movement.  


A fun family read, this interactive title is perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs, as well as introducing them to familiar animals and basic, simplified yoga poses that promote health and well-being. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with an engaging illustration mimicking the various animals' natural movements. Clever rhymes explain how toddlers (and their parents!) can copy the poses, each of which encourage movement, physical fitness, and mental health. 


The 26 yoga poses, one for each letter of the alphabet, are renamed for easy understanding, while an index at the end of the book identifies the correct name for each asana (yoga pose) for the adults. The engaging illustrations and playful rhymes encourage children and their parents to get up and move, promoting physical activity, learning, and togetherness. 


About the Author


Christiane Engel is an award-winning illustrator and published author. Her work can be found in a huge variety of children's books all over the world, including a children's bible and atlas. Her instantly recognizable characters also appeared in an award-winning ad campaign by the COI for Affordable Childcare, and she continues to work with Surrey County Council creating advertising and educational material for families. She has also created illustrations for animated programs for clients such as the BBC. 


Christiane lives by the sea with her little family in South East England

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