Paper Wings Clothing

Paper Wings Clothing is Sustainably Produced and Australian

At infancy, we focus on stocking Paper Wings clothing and other high quality brands. We believe it is important to support clothing lines that focus on ethical and sustainable practices and materials. Many of the brands we carry choose to use organic cotton and low impact dyes, including Paper Wings.

Benefits of Paper Wings Swimwear

Paper Wings is an Australian company that has been creating unique designs since 2006. The following are just a handful of the benefits of Paper Wings swimwear:

  • Variety of styles – Paper Wings swimwear comes in a range of styles, allowing you to find the right option for your little swimmer. One-piece and two-piece suits with straps or long sleeves. Rashies and shorts that will enable your adventurous kid to climb, run, and jump in the sun to their heart's content.
  • Fun patterns – Kids love patterns and colour. Paper Wings understands this and creates clothing that pops. Patterns include butterflies, trucks, rainbow colours, flowers, lizards, and much more. You are sure to find an outfit that reflects your child’s taste and inner spirit.
  • Ethical and Sustainable – Paper Wings is committed to minimising waste, uses organic cotton and low impact dyes in all their clothing. They work with their stockists to provide customers with high quality products, that serve the broader community and have a positive impact on the lives of their team, their customers, and the communities around their facilities.

Tips Regarding Paper Wings Dresses

When purchasing a dress for your little girl, you must consider the following:

  • Consider your child’s favourite colours and items when buying dresses. Your daughter, niece, or granddaughter knows what they like and will be more inclined to wear outfits that reflect these things. Paper Wings dresses come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, allowing you to find the right outfit for your special child.
  • Ensure you purchase the right size. Measure your child carefully and check the Paper Wings size guide to guarantee the right fit. If your child won’t allow you to measure them, choose an outfit that fits well and measure that instead.
  • Always follow care instructions on the label. To get the most value and wear out of a dress, ensure you check the care instructions and follow them carefully. The instructions are designed to maximise the durability of the dress, allowing you to pass it from one child to another.

Why infancy?

We stock clothing for kids from newborn babies to teens from luxury brands, both Australian and European. Clothing lines include Paper Wings, Munster Kids, and Alphabet Soup. Your little one can dress in style with shoes from Vans, Saltwater Sandals, and Veja.

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