Kids Designer Swimwear

Are you in the market for kids’ designer swimwear? Infancy has a wide array of designer girl’s and boys’ swimwear that is comfortable and fashionable for babies and children of all ages. From suits that feature an Under the Sea theme to one that will make you feel like you are in Hawaii, our swimwear is known for its style variety.

Fun Facts about Designer Baby Swimwear

There is a fascinating history associated with the development of boutique kids’ swimwear. A few of the highlights include:

  • From nude to prude: Up until the 1800s, adults and children alike would usually go swimming naked. In those times, being naked during swimming, especially for children, would not cause a great stir. Women and children would usually enjoy a specific body of water together while men would often have a place of their own. It was only when the sexes started to mix, and a raise in morality began to take hold around the world that a need for swimwear became important.
  • Fashion season: The beginning of the 1900s changed the tide of swimwear, specifically for little ones. Wearing a swimsuit became a way to display your social status and parents that could afford more stylish suits took advantage of the growing trend of dressing their children in sailor suits. This type of swimwear was both fashionable and functional because it was perfect for taking adorable pictures and could be used for a quick dip on a hot day.
  • Reliable brands: It’s essential that the swimsuit you select live up to the constant wear and tear of your child’s activities. Over the years, designer suits have become synonymous with high quality and trusted by parents around the world. Investing in a designer brand from Australia or Europe gives parents the peace of mind of knowing that not only does their child look adorable in their swimming outfit, but that they are wearing something that is made to last.

When Shopping at Our Boutique for Baby Swimwear, Consider This

When you are scanning through our boutique for girls swimwear, we always suggest that you keep the following advice in mind when making your selection: 

  • Pay attention to colours: Our swimsuits come in a variety of colours and styles. If your little girl has a favourite colour or prefers a one-piece over a bikini, let them sit with you to look through our options. Letting your child have a say in their swimwear is a way to let them display their clothing preferences and avoids the risk of ordering something that they don’t like.
  • Think about long sleeves: There is nothing worse than a sunburn ruining a fun day. We have options for long sleeve suits which add an extra layer of protection between your child’s delicate skin and harsh U.V. rays. Long sleeve suits still allow your child to move unrestricted and enjoy their day of fun in the sun.
  • Be conscious of sizing: Children grow so fast that sometimes it is hard to keep up with buying clothing that fits them. Our swimwear comes in a wide variety of sizes to suit every child. Are you shopping for your baby or toddler? Our swimsuits range in sizes 3M to 24M. After that, you can pick from suits that are anywhere between size 2 and 12. If you have any concerns about sizing, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our team before you complete your order.

About infancy’s Guarantee

The infancy team continuously strives to provide you with nothing but excellent customer service. We make promises to our clients to ensure they always have a pleasant experience when shopping with us. One of our pledges is our price guarantee. If you find an identical swim set at a different store for a less expensive price, let us know. We will not only match the price but provide you with a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Our team packs each order quickly and carefully. We strive to fill your order within 24 hours with free shipping available for any order above $150. On the rare occasion that you receive a damaged item, get in touch with us immediately so that we can work on a replacement package.

To place your order for designer boy’s swimwear, reach out to us through our contact page.