Designer Girl’s Dress

Start a Trend With Designer Girl’s Dresses

Treat that special girl in your life with a designer girl’s dress for their next special occasion. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding or the first day of school, infancy can help you find the perfect dress for your girl. Our online selection includes the latest brands, so they're always in the cool crowd.

What Sets Our Boutique Kids Dresses Apart

infancy isn't your regular clothing store. We carry only the best.

  • Physical Location: Unlike other children's stores, we also have a physical location in Rozelle NSW. We make it easy for you to come in and view our items before you buy them. This option can be great for growing girls who may want to take a role in selecting their clothing. Shopping together for a new designer children dress can be an excellent way to bond and spend quality time with her.
  • True Quality: We don't stock items that are less than the best. Our shoe brands include Vans, Veha, Salt Water and more. Our clothing brands are even more diverse such as Alphabet Soup, Paper Wings and Nature Baby, to name a few. We believe that your kids should be wearing clothing that reflects their class.
  • Personalised Experience: To us, you aren't just a number. Every customer enjoys a tailored experience to show just how much we value their business. We offer free gift wrapping, excellent customer service, and free shipping for online orders over $150. We go above and beyond for every order, just like you do for each of your children.

Points to Consider When Buying A Boutique Baby Dress

A dress can make a girl feel like a princess, and it's important to keep a few things in mind to ensure it will last.

  • Longevity: Children grow quickly at this point in their lives, and they will likely outgrow whatever dress you get them before either of you realise it, and it's good to buy a bigger size than you initially need. They'll be able to grow into their boutique girls dress, and then you can pass it down to a younger sibling or relative.
  • Do measurements: Just like we would measure ourselves before buying online, be sure to do so with your baby as well. Check the measurements provided online and know precisely how snug or lose the new dress will be. This information will also help you monitor how fast they grow during childhood.
  • Personality: When possible, try and choose patterns and designs that match your child's distinct personality. Fashion is a beautiful medium through which we can all describe how we feel to those around us. Include your child in the purchasing process so that they can try and pick out ones they feel more closely associated too. It's never too early for someone to find their sense of style.

Why Choose infancy

We aren't just an online store. Our physical location keeps us connected to you and what you want. Many of the Australian and European Brands we carry use organic cotton for comfort. We've been providing quality services since 2008 and continue to expand and diversify our collection. Browse our dresses online to turn your little one into a princess.