Children’s Boutique Perth

What You Should Know About Your Children’s Boutique in Perth

When shopping at a children’s boutique in Perth, there are a few things to know to get the most value out of your purchases. For example, buying a size ahead of your baby’s actual size will get you more use out of the same item, since babies grow so fast. Choosing quality can mean that the clothes will last longer, even through multiple kids. You can also find good deals by buying off-season. However, perhaps the most critical piece of advice is to choose a reputable seller. Especially when shopping online, you want to be sure that they offer quality merchandise, excellent customer support, and eco-friendly materials and processes. You’ll find all this and more at infancy.

Trends About Designer Baby Clothes in Perth You Should Know

As a modern parent, you want your child dressed not only comfortably but also fashionably. Great-looking clothes help form your child’s tastes and contribute significantly to their aesthetic development. Here are a few trends to look for in baby clothes this year.

  • Logomania. Look for large monograms, colourful slogans or drawings, names of well-known brands, and large-scale appliqued or embroidered details – adorable on little ones.
  • Floral prints. Florals aren’t just for adults. These days, you’ll see florals on all baby clothes, from summery dresses to coats, hats, pants, and skirts.
  • Animal prints. Free the little animal within. Leopard prints are on everything from dresses and sunsuits to leggings and onesies.
  • Dresses, dresses, dresses. Femininity makes a comeback in baby doll dresses, A-line dresses, and straight-cut dresses. Look for lots of details, including sequins, beads, flouncy skirts, and pastel shades.
  • Retro styles. We love the new wave of old-style, including classic prints such as stripes and polka dots, fringe, coloured beads and ribbons, and much more.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Designer Baby Clothes in Perth

When it comes to dressing your baby, it’s hard to get it wrong – babies are cute, baby clothes are cute, and when you put them together, you’re pretty much going to get “cute.” However, even though dressing your baby is fun, there are some common mistakes to avoid.

  • Too many layers. It’s hard to tell if your baby is warm enough, but don’t overdo it. Too many layers can lead to dangerous overheating. If you’re too warm, chances are your baby is, also.
  • Choosing irritating materials. Be sure to avoid any fabrics that might scratch or irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Wool is a common offender. Look for light, soft clothes made of natural materials such as organic cotton.
  • Washing clothes with the wrong detergent. Like some fabrics, some detergents can cause skin irritation in infants. Go for a formula that’s free of perfumes and dyes – preferably one made specifically for babies.

About infancy

At infancy, we’re parents ourselves. That means that we know how to choose baby clothes, and we hand-pick them for their quality, comfort, safety, and style. We go above and beyond for our customers, offering extras such as free shipping on orders over $150 and free gift wrapping. We stock a range of trusted brands, including Munster Kid, Paper Wings, Rock Your Baby, and Alphabet Soup, and we offer clothing for all ages from newborn to 16 years. Contact infancy today for more information.