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Wooden Puzzle - Sun


Our beautiful handmade wooden sun puzzle is the perfect introduction to puzzle play for your little ones. All the pieces fit easily into place and are hand painted with non toxic paints so they are safe for little hands...and mouths! Puzzle are the perfect tool for enhancing skills such as grasping, problem solving, colour and shape recognition and are always loved by children of all ages. Measurements: 32cm x...

Londji Je Suis Ballerine Puzzle


Everything ready? The ballet shoes, the tutu... start to count to the rhythm of the music and go with the flow of music. Discover the dance's world with this 100 piece puzzle.

Londji Go to the Future Puzzle


Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean, sail in the company of the great Blue Whale, dive surrounded by Sharks and fall in love with the gorgeous Queen of the Seas. This is a 100 piece puzzle to explore the ocean depths. Illustration Mariana Ruiz Johnson Material Recycled cardboard and paper Packaging Sturdy cardboard box Size 50 x 72 cm Box size 20,5 x 30 x 8 cm...

Colourful Creatures Heads & Tails Game


Learn and play with dotcomgiftshop's cute Colourful Creatures Heads and Tails game in decorative gift box. See if the little ones can match up the numbered tiles in a game of mix and match! Each tile contains a number of dots or a written number. Size of tile: 10cm x 7cm

Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore - Paris


Travel tall over Paris and learn about its beautiful buildings and history.Read all kinds of facts in the book, then test your memory by assembling the 140 piece puzzle which then has the 10 key buildings standing vertical to create a wonderful city reference at a glance. Size: 55 x 50 cm

Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore - Dinosaurs


Discover the gigantic reptiles who dominated the Earth millions of years ago! See how a fossil is made and what makes the species different from each other. Learn the names of the major dinosaurs from the Jurassic Era and all the fascinating details about them!

Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore - Australia


Travel around Australia with this wonderful 210 piece puzzle and 32 page book. See where the mines are, find out what's happening to our coral reefs, journey along the coast with the whale migrations and much more.  

Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore - Space


Go on an adventure in space like a real astronaut! Put together the 205 pieces of a fantastic puzzle, read the book and learn all about our universe. What are Saturn’s rings made of? How far is the Earth from the Sun? How many moons does Jupiter have? Look how big the Milky Way is, observe the craters on the moon, follow comets as they sail through the sky...

Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore - The Earth


Travel the world to learn all about the most interesting things on our beautiful planet!   Take an exciting trip through two hemispheres. Check out how deep the oceans are and get a close-up look at the world’s largest and most ferocious animals. Learn about our most interesting and impressive buildings! Read all kinds of facts in the book, then test your memory by assembling a 205-piece puzzle!  ...

Cubebot® Micro - Multi


Cubebot® is a wooden toy robot inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles. Made from wood and elastic, Cubebot can be positioned to hold dozens of poses. When it's time to rest, Cubebot folds back into a perfect cube. A classic toy for all ages that will endure generations of play.Recommended for Ages 3+Beech and ElasticMicro 4.25 in. tall5.5 in. arm span1.5 x 1.5 in. cube



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