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Bajo Tractor with Blocks


Tractor with cart and three wooden block 'hay bales'. 21 x 6 x 8 cm 2+

Bajo London Bus


London double-decker bus. 10 x 5 x 15 cm 1+

Bajo Police Car


A very important addition to any child's car collection.  The police chase the robbers, and help the people in distress. A great gift idea and sure to be favourite for the toy box. The wood used to make Bajo toys is FSC certified and all Bajo toys conform to the rigorous European Standards EN 71, safety of toys. The colour, coatings and adhesives are all certified non-toxic. Made in Poland....

Candylab Southern Belle


This an homage to the fierce female race car drivers of the era.  Maude Odell, Elinor Blevins, Kay Petre and many more others. Their racers were sturdy, lifted, clunky and off-roadish and we aimed to capture that look and stance with this toy.  It has a spare tire, a positive (inward) suspension camber and a giant race number on its radiator. MaterialSolid Beech wood, water based paint and clear urethane coat. ABS...

Candylab Police


 A black matte coat of paint, a single red light arm, placed sideways, and awkward scribbling of the precinct numbers on its roof: this is the epitome of the churning and drama of bringing law and order to those hard years. The car has a cute graphic on its belly, with tally marks that one assumes stands for the vanquished baddies.  MaterialSolid Beech wood, water based paint and clear...

Candylab Penicillin


A yellow-and red pill of a lowriding roadster, bearing the 250(mg) race number.  Our first ever open-top car, sure to stand out in a toy collection.   MaterialSolid Beech wood, water based paint and clear urethane coat. ABS plastic rims, with food grade rubber tires. Safety tested according to US CPSIA and European, Australian and New Zealand regulations.

Candylab Bad Emergency


Heirloom wood toy car inspired by art deco modernism car culture of the 1920s.  This 6-wheeler is inspired by the iconic "American Truck" - the newly mechanized workhorse of the late 20's and early 30's, rebuilding the country, powering small businesses and ocassionally rum running.

Candy Lab Camper Airstream


Heirloom wood toy airstream camper van, inspired by mid-century American design and car culture.  An official AIRSTREAM collaboration, this automotive and cultural icon now comes in desktop size. A classy landboat, it symbolizes freedom, open roads and perfect proportions. Imagination equipped.

Candylab The Drifter


Heirloom wood toy car, inspired by mid-century American design and car culture. 

Bloomingville Toy Cars - Beech


Bloomingville Mini’s gorgoeus set of beech wooden cars and signs are sure to give your little one will have hours of fun. When playtime is over they make a divine decorative piece in your child’s room due to its neutral colours. This toy would make a beautiful gift and is one that would be treasured for many years to come! Pair with Bloomingville Mini’s City Rug to complete the set and add to...

Bloomingville Rug - City


Fun rug where kids can zoom their cars and trucks on. Size: 100cm (W) x 150cm (L) Colour: Off White / Grey Material: Cotton  



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