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Make Me Iconic Puzzle Fairy Bread


Remember when you were six and your birthday was something to get excited about? Really, really excited about? Presents, games, some balloons, all your friends, a giant cake and of course iconic fairy bread. Sugary, rainbow coloured hundreds and thousands coating spongy white bread. Mmmmm. Almost better than blowing out the candles and making a wish. Almost. Fairy bread is a classic birthday party favorite. And what could be...

Make Me Iconic Umbrella - Iconic Treat


Don’t get caught out on a rainy day without one of our uber cool looking umbrellas. Keep one handy in the car or at home and stay dry when it rains. These umbrellas are black on the outside and match with any outfit that you may be wearing - and have our iconic fairy bread & lamington print on the inside. You almost want it to rain just so...

Make Me Iconic Ice Cream Puzzle


This delicious and tasty looking ice cream is made up of five magnetic wood pieces that can be pulled apart and rebuilt as often as you like.  Strong, safe embedded magnets in the wood make it easy to assemble and pull apart the chunky pieces time after time. This ice cream is wooden of course but just as delicious looking and makes a cute little first toy. The puzzle...

Make Me Iconic Teaset


Tea parties always lift our mood.  We love drinking up a pretend almond chai or a skinny mocha latte. Mmmmmmmm yum ( wish it was the real thing).  There once was a time when we didn't order a skinny chai latte or a soy flat white. Coffee or tea was it. We actually prefer a really really really milky tea with lots of sugar or just a regular chai...

Make Me Iconic Small Parts Kits


We have created a small parts kit for your already loved iconic tram or iconic ferry. We wanted to give you some extra bits to extend your play! Our kids were writing tickets and giving passengers fines because they did not have ticket. We loved watching them play with their iconic tram and iconic ferry for years and thought our kids had a great idea with creating tickets. We...

Make Me Iconic Iconic Bickies


A collection of ten iconic Australian toy biscuits. Wooden of course but just as delicious looking! Dipped into a cup of tea or simply munched on their own. Tim Tam, Teddy Bear, Iced Vo Vo Delta Cream or Tic Toc; what's your favourite? We have recreated a selection of iconic Australian biscuits for your children to enjoy. We're sure they will like these almost as much as the real...

Make Me Iconic Mini Tram


This iconic mini tram is based on the much loved W-class Melboune tram. It’s perfect for pushing and zoom zooming and fits most other wooden train tracks on the market. This wonderful creation also has magnets at each end so it can run on its own or connect with your child’s other trains. Ding Ding.   Details Ages 3+ Sturdy wooden construction Authentic tram design and colours  7cm (L)...

Make Me Iconic Sequin Purse - Rumble


Nothing is more Melbourne than a tram. So why not make the journey a bit more special with these over-the-top sequin purses. These gorgeous little purses can fit all your little bits and pieces including your MYKI card - all looking fabulous and very glamorous at the same time. Made with sequins and beading.   Details Finished flat size 8cm (W) x 20cm (L) Sequins, cotton lined and metal...

Make Me Iconic Melbourne Tram


This iconic wooden tram is painted with authentic colours and based on the iconic W-class Melboune tram. This wonderful creation comes complete with 12 wooden passengers and 2 uniformed tram conductors that have their own cabins on each end of the tram. It has wheels on the bottom (for pushing and zoom zooming) and the lid comes off the top for little hands to access the wooden passengers. Details...



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