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Maileg Best Friends Rabbit


A classic rag doll inspired rabbit doll from Danish toy maker Maileg which is extremely soft and cuddly. It is made with cotton muslin with flower patterned accents, stuffed with soft poly filler and embroidered face features. Best friends come in an adorable gift box which makes them perfect for baby showers, christenings, and birthday presents. A classic, timeless doll will be a very special gift and treasured for...

Maileg Clown Mouse


Sweetest Maileg mouse ever! This small mouse is a part of the circus collection from Danish toy maker, Maileg. Not only is he the funniest mouse in the circus collection, making all his friends smile and laugh, but he is super cute with big rose ears and tiny leather tail. Perfect size to sneak in little one's pocket.  

Maileg Kickboard Mini


This lovely, unique wooden toy scooter is perfect for taking a small dolls for a ride. It has 3 functioning wooden wheels and a handlebar. Elastic loops on handle and kickboard keep the doll in position. It fits Maileg mini series Rabbit, Bunny and Moulin Roty Les Parisienne doll very well. Fun to play and classic to display, this timeless toy will be a very special gift and treasured...

Maileg Little Brother Mouse in Box


A set of lovely mouse with rosy big ears, delightful smile and a matching match box filled with colorful beddings. The match box is decorated with whimsical illustration and made with sturdy card board. Comes with a set of bedding for the mouse's sweet dream.   Beautiful little gift that will bring a big smile. Don't forget to check other mouse family members!

Maileg Little Pig


Oink Oink! Make room for the cutest pig of all time! This is Little Pig.  Little pig from Danish brand Maileg is perfect for little baby hands to explore and will delight the imagination of any child. He has a lovely soft dusty pink body, an embroidered face and his body is filled with bagged PE pellets and polyester fibre fill which allows him to stand up nicely on...

Maileg Metal Bench


Perfect for seating medium sized dolls and trinkets, Maileg's bench is crafted of red metal detailed with a heart-shaped backrest and perforated seat.

Maileg Micro Rabbit


This cute little rabbit comes dressed in a unisex, removable diaper and is made of 100% cotton and will be a good companion for your little one for many years to come. This micro rabbit is perfect for interactive play and is suited to be Maileg small and medium size rabbit's baby.

Maileg My Rabbit Baby


The 'My Bunny Rabbit' is the newest addition to the Maileg collection. This adorable rabbit is the smallest member of Maileg rabbit family and is available in the girl (red spots) or boy (blue spots). It has a pom-pom tail and a heart shaped button for a dummy. A lovely gift as well as a great start to your child’s own Maileg collection. Made with 100% cotton

Maileg Princess Rattle


The Maileg princess rattle has been held up in her castle all day with a fire breathing dragon just outside the castle walls. She is waiting for the knight to come and rescue her and her prince. The princess is wearing a beautiful royal dress that provides some textural/sensory experience with her gathered skirt and her curly hair.  She has a soft plush body and is sized perfectly for...

Maileg Sleepy Wakey Reindeer


This sweet reindeer is the newest member of Maileg’ family. He is beautifully constructed and has amazingly thoughtful detail on each side. It’s soft, velvety body, dangly arms, legs and sweet little details are hard to resist. It’s weighed on the bottom and can sit still. This classic, timeless doll is a perfect night time companion and is sure to be treasured for a forever. Maileg’s Reindeer makes for...

Maileg Strong Mouse


Presenting the strongest mouse in the history of Maileg collection!  He is part of the fabulously fun circus collection by Danish favourite Maileg, this handsome and masculinely moustached Strong Mouse is flexing his mouse muscles for the show! We’ve heard he can lift an elephant above his head and pull circus wagons with only his tail!

Maileg Tooth Fairy Big Brother Mouse in Box


So perfect and tiny when at night the tooth fairy spreads fairy dust, collects baby teeth, brings treats and always makes sure you have sweet dreams. Just the thing for those in the business of losing teeth. Big brother mouse comes in his own box and has a nifty little pocket to stow away a tooth before it's swapped for a coin and perhaps if you're lucky perhaps a...



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