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TRIANGLE Keep on Dreaming Dress

$20.00 $80.00

Ok so how Rad is this dress! - This is our "Keep On Dreaming" all over print, Cause no matter what you should never ever stop dreaming... Its fully lined, a Little split on the A line, hidden side zip in a nice cotton that lets it flow...

Make Me Iconic Melbourne Tram


This iconic wooden tram is painted with authentic colours and based on the iconic W-class Melboune tram. This wonderful creation comes complete with 12 wooden passengers and 2 uniformed tram conductors that have their own cabins on each end of the tram. It has wheels on the bottom (for pushing and zoom zooming) and the lid comes off the top for little hands to access the wooden passengers. Details...

Pretty Wild Alexis Cardigan - Yellow


A cosy classic cardigan that is perfect for spring and breezy summer nights on the beach. Classic style makes it very versatile for all occasions casual or special.  47%Merino, 30% Viscose, 15% Polymide ,8%Cashmere This cardigan is true to size. 

Sippy & Sunny - The Hidden Kingdom {A Great Barrier Reef Adventure}


“THE HIDDEN KINGDOM" Sippy & Sunny  { a great barrier reef adventure } Illustrations by Brigitte May The 3rd book in the series finds Sippy introducing Sunny to the wonders beneath the ocean, where her connection to nature and its many creatures is further developed. Sippy is always close by encouraging Sunny as she discovers more of her true self and the role she plays in protecting nature. Once...

Miniland Baby Doll Latin American Girl 21cm


Miniland Educational doll collections are an important educational resource which help comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, respect for racial and sexual diversity.   —Made in Spain, these anatomically correct dolls are dressed in their underwear and vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby. —The dolls have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races....

Sippy & Sunny - A Byron Bay Adventure


SIPPY & SUNNY 2nd edition  Pure Magic........  Written by Vicki Wood & Kelly Elsom  Illustrations By Bec Winnel  “ Sippy and Sunny " { a byron bay adventure }... is the first book in the series about a little girl and her magical dragon. The story explores the possibilities of letting yourself dream the seemingly impossible, with the beautiful illustrations by Bec Winnel provoking an emotional response allowing you...

Make Me Iconic Post Box


In a digital age the iconic red post box is becoming ever more rare. But the big red box still sits down the end of the street, waiting for your postcards, love letters and, yes even your bills. For a generation that may see the end of the post as we know it, we have lovingly designed this bit of history for them to enjoy. Don’t forget the stamp....

Make Me Iconic Sydney Ferry


This iconic wooden ferry is painted with authentic colours and based on the iconic First Fleet Sydney Ferry. *This wonderful creation comes complete with 8 wooden passengers and 2 uniformed sailors that have their own cabins on the top deck of the ferry. * It has wheels on the bottom (for pushing and chug chugging) and the lid comes off the top and second deck for little hands to...

Pretty Wild Evie Hat - Raspberry


A gorgeous wide rimmed sun hat in 100% Liberty Raspberry to match back to your Pretty Wild outfit! These hats have been customised to feature tan leather tie straps so that this gorgeous hat stays put!

Little Hotdog Watson Cub UV Baseball Cap - Pineapple Punch


Award Winning Cub baseball cap with roll up neck flap for extra protection for ears and neck: UV Protection, Sweaty Head Prevention & Mosquito Repellent. We use the latest technology to create practical children's sunhats. Working with a Space Certified company to bring technologies previously developed for NASA to kidswear. They are lightweight and roll up easily. The 100% cotton hats have 3 benefits: 1. Sun protection - the...

Heico Cactus Lamp


Channellig some serious western vibes, we present to you our newest, favourite night light- this cactus from Heico. Hand-made and hand-painted, so all lamps are unique and no two are identical! Heico kids lamps of Germany are well known for the quality and original design. Made from durable molded resin, these lamps emit a warm glow in the room for children who need a subdued night light. Decidedly cool,...

My Australian Animal Book


My Australian Animals Book adds to the popular stable of cloth books by Dyles. Featuring a range of much loved Australian animals such as the Koala, Kookaburra and Kangaroo makes it a favourite counting book .. 1 koala, .. 2 emus.... Perfect for true blue Aussie kids but also a great gift or souvenir for the children of friends and relatives living abroad to learn about the unique wildlife...



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