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T-lab Polepole Animal - Koala


Our Craftsman making piece by piece by its hands while of course file them many time and finished them up.  After having so many procedure, they will be getting each animals. That's why those kind of crafts feel a sense of warmth. We would like to provide you a place where someone feels most at home with those items. [The polepole animal] which I began to carve white pure wood of...

Hello, Sydney!


Hello, Sydney! An adventure around the harbour city. The brand new, colourful book from designer and illustrator Megan McKean. Hello, Sydney! is a charming introduction to the harbour city for young children. Six cheeky seagulls set out early in the morning to explore Sydney and stop in to 15 of their favourite places for food, fun, shopping and culture. Sydneysiders or visitors to Sydney will love this illustrative and...

One Two Tree Christmas Tree

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Back to Wood One Two Tree – Christmas Tree One Two Tree is an eco friendly Christmas tree that can be styled to suit any space. Available in two sizes and consisting of  ‘branches’ that rotate on a ‘trunk’ creating individual looks that can be updated year after year. A hole drilled in the end of each branch enables you to fasten, hold and thread unique to antique decorations....

Make Me Iconic Ute


Rumour has it the "Ute" came about from a letter a farmer wrote to Ford asking for a "vehicle to take his wife to church in on Sundays and take his pigs to market with on Monday's". We're not sure if we believe that,  but we do know that the Ute has been a much loved part of the Australian iconography since the 1930's. From the Jackaroo, to the...

Poem For Sippy


“ Poem For Sippy ”... is the second book in the Sippy and Sunny series. The adventures take a detour to reflect upon Sippy’s journey from one generation to the next.Brigitte May’s stunning illustrations take young and old into Sippy’s world reminding us all of the importance of love, magic and imagination. Bilingual. French / English

Make Me Iconic Toy Stacking Burger


The humble burgers is an icon found all around the world. THIS is how Australians do a Aussie Burger with The LOT! WARNING! there are strong opinions on how these get stacked. We designed this so you can choose your favourite! Burger Bun - a soft pillowy and distinctly sweet bun with sesame seeds. It should be able to withstand juices and burger sauces. Lettuce - fresh and crisp!...

Make Me Iconic Teaset


Tea parties always lift our mood.  We love drinking up a pretend almond chai or a skinny mocha latte. Mmmmmmmm yum ( wish it was the real thing).  There once was a time when we didn't order a skinny chai latte or a soy flat white. Coffee or tea was it. We actually prefer a really really really milky tea with lots of sugar or just a regular chai...

One Two Tree Kangaroo


Meet our Kangaroo from our new collection of Little Aussie Treasures. Gorgeous for kids and adults and designed to fit perfectly on our Aussie shaped Treasure Board along side our fury friends. Hand painted Peach in colour. SPECS: length 11.5CM, height 11cm width 1.8cm. Weight 75gms, arrives with gift bag

Make Me Iconic Post Box


In a digital age the iconic red post box is becoming ever more rare. But the big red box still sits down the end of the street, waiting for your postcards, love letters and, yes even your bills. For a generation that may see the end of the post as we know it, we have lovingly designed this bit of history for them to enjoy. Don’t forget the stamp....

Make Me Iconic Iconic Bickies


A collection of ten iconic Australian toy biscuits. Wooden of course but just as delicious looking! Dipped into a cup of tea or simply munched on their own. Tim Tam, Teddy Bear, Iced Vo Vo Delta Cream or Tic Toc; what's your favourite? We have recreated a selection of iconic Australian biscuits for your children to enjoy. We're sure they will like these almost as much as the real...

Make Me Iconic Sydney Ferry


This iconic wooden ferry is painted with authentic colours and based on the iconic First Fleet Sydney Ferry. *This wonderful creation comes complete with 8 wooden passengers and 2 uniformed sailors that have their own cabins on the top deck of the ferry. * It has wheels on the bottom (for pushing and chug chugging) and the lid comes off the top and second deck for little hands to...

Flatout Bear - Chocolate


Soft, cuddly and flat, the FLATOUTbear is made of 100% pure Australian sheepskin shaped like a teddy bear. They are just gorgeous. They're natural, plush and luxurious - perfect for babies, kids, grannies... What can we say, everyone loves FLATOUTbears.   Hand made from 100% Australian sheepskin 30cm x 25cm or 12" x 10" (this may vary slightly as each bear is hand cut) 5cm or 2" flat Easy...



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